September 13, 2009

New views of New Zealand: A kid, a cake and fake poo

Kitty Litter Cake.
Complete with fudge poo...
Love it - although might feel weird eating it!
According to the family:
It is a carrot cake base and we put a streusel topping on it after it was baked, hoping it would give the cake a 'real' look.
I think they were successful!

I think this one looks more realistic but you can also look here:

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  1. Yes, I think it would feel a little weird eating it. But I'd be game to give it a try..

    CJ xx

  2. OMG I nearly spewed hadnt taken my antiemetic yet!!!!!!
    Damn Fi you have finally grossed me out. No actually the tapeworm sessions with you was worse...
    gotta go
    heave heave
    Tape worm and breast images now

  3. Which reminds me...another poop scooping session is waiting for me ;-)
    You will have a field day checking this blog out: (although sometimes they even post beautiful ones, sorry!)

  4. Carolina - love that site - I have it on my dashboard but not yet on my blog roll.... was laughing at the terrible cat and dog cakes! Also wish I had known about the divorce cakes sooner!!!

  5. Fake poo is great stuff. Here every Joke shop carries rubber doggie doo. When I owned a house and a dog my spare key was always kept under one not to far from the front door. The only thing funnier than seeing the look on someones face when you pick up a dog poo to get your spare key is seeing your little brother pick up the wrong one. Talk about ROTFL

  6. I haven't checked out the divorce cakes but this is a true story must be close to 30 years old now. 3 men found out over casual conversation that their divorces had all become final on the same day. They decided to get together planned and annual BarB Que. No big deal right. However it grew into the local event of the summer within a few years and the ex-wives got together and sued claiming divorces from them should be no reason to celebrate and they had caused pain and suffering as a result.

    The judge ruled that the fact they had even filed the claim proved being divorced from them was indeed reason to celebrate. The men were awarded their court costs and the ex wives also had to pay court costs.

    An aside when it hit the paper about 100 more men who it happened had divorces become the same day all over the city joined the group.

    Last I they were renting entire convsevation area each year for the party.


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