September 30, 2009

New Zealand authorities prepare for tsunami |

The television is saying no risks to New Zealand... this was updated five minutes ago with a different story. I guess if I was on low lying beaches I might be going for a drive! Just hoping Christchurch continues to be alright!
Very sad for the losses in Samoa..
Last night we watched the lightning storm over Auckland and turned all the lights off as the torrential rain lashed at the windows. As it was then exactly 24 hours before we were due to fly home, we did wonder what the weather would be like by tonight! So far, just rain... then sun, then rain... as per usual. It makes me very aware of how dry we are in Christchurch - just last week we sat at work, mesmerised by the sight of heavy rain! How a week changes you lol.

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  1. rain is always a welcome relief ..but i hope not as heavy as what we just had here.

  2. yep all good in CHrtistchurch Just hear the news when I came home from work

  3. The tsunami was the first item on the Italian news this morning - the first time swine flu's taken the back seat in at least a month. Hope all goes well.


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