September 26, 2009

Over 1000 animals rescued from a house in Houston by the SPCA..

The owners said they bred them for local flea markets!
Imagine over a 1000 animals - of all sorts, in a suburban house.

Just glad that someone bothered to ring and report these people... it is too easy to turn a blind eye to the abuse of animals, and people, happening in our own neighbourhoods!

Havig a lovely time in Auckland... but sitting here appreciating some early morning cool air on my arms before the warmth and humidity starts up for the day... we are taking the girls to Kelly Tarltons Underwater World today . Have been before a few times - in fact, we took our children there when it opened in 1985, actually seeing the man himself, Kelly, there. Sadly he died not long after that, but his legacy lives on. The massive acrylic tunnels are 100 metres long and let you see the fish, and sharks, up close and personal. They seem enormous; hard to believe they are actually one third smaller because of the refraction.

My favourites are the sharks and the elegant sting rays as they glide over your head!

It might be warm, but it is wet... so at least we will be inside.Will try the zoo when the weather clears...

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  1. 1045 animals from one house - what a dreadful story. I'd heard of puupy mills but never animal mills.


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