September 30, 2009

Tsunami:100 feared dead

New Zealand may have escaped unscathed... Samoa sadly, not so lucky, and there was at least one New Zealander in the death toll.
The recent heavy rain and storm that caused devastating flooding in the Phillippines, has apparently continued into Vietnam. Now another natural disaster has struck with the earthquake off Samoa. The lightning storms that we watched last night in Auckland seem tame in comparison to this scene.
Thoughts are with the people of Samoa.

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  1. Fi, another storm just entered our area of responsibility carrying with it heavy rains. It will hit land tomorrow. Hope it wont wrought as much destruction as the people here haven't recovered yet...
    my sympathies to the people of Samoa and Vietnam. This next strom is heading Taiwan.
    Mother Nature is angry.

  2. Just been watching it on the news, awful things are happening all over the place, some 'group' over here reckon it's because It's the second coming of the Lord. Personally I think it's just mother nature being a bitch...

  3. Couldn't believe it when I heard the news. My thoughts there also.

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