September 22, 2009

Watery walkies work wonders |

Hydrotherapy is a great way to help pets recover from surgery, or to exercise when they have sore or arthritic joints. There are many opening up here in New Zealand. Because of the floats, or in deeper water, they will be able to exercise with no weight on their legs, and the warm water helps with their mobility and some pain relief too.

"The aqua-treadmill helps dogs suffering from arthritis, obesity or rehabilitation after surgery. The water level and temperature are adjustable to suit the dog's condition and comfort, and there are even water jets to provide extra resistance."

Animal massage and physiotherapy are ways we can help animals recover faster after major orthopaedic operations. It has always been a popular way to get horses fit as well.
Have a look for one near you!

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  1. We used to take one of our horses, many moons ago.....It sounds just what I need!...XXX

  2. I have a friend here who just started an animal massage business and is really doing well!

  3. It is a great art Mari- I have a past student who is trained in Reiki and massage and homeopathy - looking at offering short courses to students and past grads and people in industry - worth spreading the skills :)


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