September 8, 2009

When will you die?

If you use facebook... there is a new app - When will you die?
I haven't done it... seems like tempting fate to me... and one of my friends is already facing her mortality with a large bowel mass and secondaries - It is hard to feel frivolous about it.
But so many of my facebook friends have done it and they get little answers like...

"xxx"just found out the Death's Time:

Date: February 4 of 2015 at 5:28 am.

Cause: Collapsed at gym after exercising

Age: 25 years old

or "yyy" just found out the Death's Time:

Date: May 4 of 2018 at 5:47 am.

Cause: Electrocuted while on an electrical pole during earthquake

Age: 40 years old

The general comments range from - me at the gym??? or I would never be up that early....
or - as I had a little laugh about hers with one of the students at last nights evening class, she is pretty sure she can avoid riding a motorcycle dressed as Elvis... so should be safe.
So, because of an early dinner before class, and visiting a friend on the way home, I found myself peckish when I got home at 11pm... unwisely snacking before bedtime. Sure enough, heartburn in the wee hours of the morning; duly found an antacid tablet, and subsided back to the warmth of the bed... where I managed to inhale the crumbs.  The coughing grew worse... my chest hurt. I was racked with them... I staggered to the bathroom. I tried to call my partners' name ... no breath; no voice. Damn... forgot that was an issue! As I tried drinking water from the scungy tooth mug, trying not to pee with each paroxysm, I realised that I should have done the damned facebook test as I could already fill in the gaps.

Date: 7th September of 2009 at 3.45 am

Cause:  Naked in own bathroom, choking and vomiting in sink...

Age: well thats my business but far too young...

But I would never be up that early... Yeah right!


  1. Oh NO, that sounds awful! Are you ok now??

  2. LOL (since your okay apparently I can laugh out loud freely!)

  3. I think the 'when will I die application' is crazy. Why would you want to know complete your bucket list?? I think I'll steer clear of it myself.
    As for you dear Fi. you should steer well clear of oncoming crumbs!!!!
    Jaz x

  4. yes thank you Jess - I am fine now.... hurts to cough, which I have been doing all day!
    Yes - do laugh Carolina.. one must try to laugh everyday and I needed to myself!

    Jaz.. I have a glass of water beside me in the event it occurs again - or next time I might sit up longer to finish eating it before I lie down! Agree- it is a crazy app - and I am definitely not doing it now !

  5. i hope you won't mind Fi, but i cannot help laughing. what a thought you have while going through all those spasm and pain. oh i wouldn't dare answer such quiz either. why, let go of the element of surprise?

  6. I can't be sure of course but I think I've got it narrowed down to the idea that I will probably die on a day with a Y in it's name.

  7. I don't like that app, it's for personal reasons, but my friends are all doing it too!

  8. I've come to accept that one day I'll die ... I don't really need to think about it much more than that.

    My only real concern is that I don't leave anything lurking at home (including on the computers!) that would embarrass my son! :-)

  9. True Ro - all that HNT...hmmm - well, there is not a lot of warning so don't put the computer clean up off :)

  10. I needed that laugh! (and it made me pee myself!) XXX


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