October 8, 2009

Dog-killing toxin found in Thames

The sea slugs carrying the deadly TTX toxin are moving south from Auckland. A dog has been reported to have died from it near Thames after playing on Tapu Beach.
This is the same toxin found in the infamous puffer fish.. and dogs get it from playing with the slugs. This is also a risk to children who might get the slime on their hands.
I was talking to a colleague today about their recent holiday in Port Douglas. She says they have nets to keep the deadly jelly fish and stingers away from the beaches. I know the Gold coast have shark nets... anyone for slug nets?

Phoebe's family were playing on the beach up north today - where the slug warning seems to have been lifted with no new cases being reported. However, on arriving home they heard there was another tsunami warning.
Take care out there peoples and pets!

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  1. If I've understood this right, is someone dumping toxin? I think it's a terrible thing to do.

    Also, what's this with these miniature pigs? How are they bred to be miniature? Just wondered.

    CJ xx

  2. thats awful!

    another tsunami warning?! i hope it doesnt happen!! xx

  3. There are so many ways to die, it sometimes seems a miracle that any of us survive more than a few weeks! Poison slugs. Sheesh.

  4. I know this doesn't help you, but I ended this piece much reassured ... after thinking the Thames you were referring to was the Thames in London.

    I was, I admit, rather surprised to hear that we might have problems with sea slugs!

  5. It could well be a beachless summer for many families with tsunami scares and now sea slug toxins on our beaches spreading to the Coromandel (which is our summer playground)

  6. Never heard that before, toxic slugs. Scary We have been lucky regarding the tsunami seen the devasting effects on surrounding places

  7. Thank you for all the comments...

    Ro- sorry to scare you! I clean forgot about the "Thames" - which surprises me as I am a Londoner! born in Fulham!

    CJ - no one is dumping toxins.. there is a type of sea slug on our beaches and the slime on them contains a toxin - dogs that play with them /lick them etc, are dying. The toxin is the same one found in the poisonous puffer fish.
    It is a risk for children too.

    Merinz... you make a good point that I hadn't thought of... the timing is terrible for the beautiful Coromandel who rely so heavily on the summer visitors to make a living... if families avoid it there will be a problem. The regular tsunami worries are not ideal either :( I can't imagine how Samoa and places are coping.

  8. Odette - mini pigs are bred for smaller size.

    I was specially interested as they are a variant of the rare kune kune breed, which are a small breed found here in New Zealand.



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