October 30, 2009

Halloween 'not for pets'

Halloween - I had never really thought about this being an issue as it is usually overshadowed by the usual articles on Guy Fawkes and fireworks...which is an annual problem for our dog Jessie. Her usual symptoms have started... no eating outside after dark, taking to hide in her safe corner between the wall and the couch... and racing away when the faint whine of a rocket goes off! Yes, we have used the special desensitizing CD in the past... and it certainly does help, but she is not cured by a long shot! The problem is owner compliance...

Meanwhile keep the dogs away from all the chocolate if you are trick or treating and in the interests of their own safety, Keep Away from the visiting ghosts, vampires and zombies.. and while i think about that - keep the kids safe from the human predators too.

oh - and do adopt a black cat this week....or even a dog. I have always known they are the most likely to linger in rescue shelters and are over represented in the euthansia numbers - but superstition should not play a part in this/

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  1. check out my friends advice on this..
    and yes - we have DAP as a spray - time to use it on Jessie's bandana


  2. I already have one black cat named Elvis. And Priscilla had kittens 2 months ago. Out of four, 2 black, one grey striped, and one grey and white tabby I have adopted out three of them. There is one black one left with a white patch on the throat and long white hairs in his ears. I just might be keeping him if I can't find a home. Prissy is getting fixed, though!!

  3. i don't mind owning a black cat, but my mother cat is white so it's unlikely she will give birth to a pure black one. they always seem to come with spots.

  4. I speak from much personal experience, both with my own cats and those of relatives and friends - I have never known a black cat that was less than charming. Obviously, somewhere out there, there's a black cat that's a bastard, but I've never met one. All lovely and sweet, from my dealings with them. Yes, adopt one (and maybe keep him inside during Halloween night because some ignorant folk do some bad things to poor black kitties on that night.)

  5. Such wonderful advice for all to heed. And puppies and kittens do not good Christmas gifts make! Adopt out of love, not ease of attainment!!! Have a wonderful time wih your Jessie...I know exactly what you're going through there.

  6. I hate the fact that commercial grabbers keep trying to make a big thing of Halloween. It never was a NZ or Aussie tradition. OUr dog Leo hides behind the sofa & the wall too! He hates thunderstorms. Fireworks are more or less unavailable over here, because of fire risk~ which is a good thing!!

  7. Good reminder about the chocolate!! I put Sophie back in a quiet room to keep her away from the craziness of the front door constantly opening as well as all the noise....I think she appreciates it! :)

  8. Wonderful words written
    and so true ......
    In our country is no Halloween !!

    greetings from The Netherlands
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)


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