October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Phoebe

Princess Phoebe is one year old today... bound to be spent celebrating and playing with her presents. Just glad we got to visit this holidays and give her our presents early so we could watch her enjoying them!!! Spot her reading and playing in her pink Dora the Explorer tent....and the huge purple ball :)

To celebrate - here are some of my favourite recent Phoebe photos... just click on it to see the larger version.

I have just spent a happy few minutes scanning back over the last year - pictures of her life in reverse order... you can too - "Phoebe's life in Pictures.

You can follow their family blog at Treacy Travels

It was also my son James' birthday this week. Despite major internet problems we managed to Skype them,  restarting the call at least five times ( turns out our router needed resetting to cope with the changes to the telecom systems...) . A wonderful person heading over there with spare luggage space meant we were able to arrange a pile of handwritten letters and cards. A wonderful opportunity to get out my Scheaffer fountain pen, a gift from my late grandfather when I was a student, (over 30 years ago) that I used for all my major exams at vet school... it writes like a dream and  it was a privilege to use it to write a real letter, on real paper. Large bars of Whittakers Dark Ghana Chocolate were also sent over...  apparently dark chocolate is non existent in Bangladesh ! It was all a great surprise for him, carefully arranged by Jess and hopefully added to their day :)
Hopefully they will blog about that too!
James and Jess in Bangladesh

For James and Phoebe - Happy Birthday :)


  1. Lovely photos and lovely baby! :-)

    mmmmm not sure I can call her a baby anymore. Officially she is now a toddler.


  2. Congratulations on both birthdays ;-)
    Phoebe is gorgeous.

  3. how time flies....she's even climbing now and hiding inside the cabinet!

  4. Happy Birthday to both birthday people.
    We love our babies, but grandbabies seem magic!


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