October 26, 2009

Maltese terrier on dangerous dog list

I have always had West Highlander Whites up there on my own dangerous breed list... along with a few other more traditional, larger usually breeds. Another little white dog, the Maltese Terrier, now takes it's place on this roll, according to Australian research.

I know bites from Labradors are becoming more common - the breed that was always so steady and reliable. So why is this happening - this breed, and other little white dogs, are currently popular pets ( Maltese, Bichon Frise and Poodles are often crossed with other small dogs to create "designer breeds" ) - so are they just more commonly owned now, or is it the repeated breeding for their looks at the expense of temperament? Where do puppy mills, breeding large numbers of poorly handled/socialised puppies play a part too?

A large part of it is purely the owners failing to teach them the rules of good canine conduct. To quote some animal behaviouralists... "there are no problem dogs; only problem owners.".

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  1. wow, that is such a cutie!!! i am sure whoever owns a dog like that will spoil her rotten. no wonder she will act like a prima donna.

  2. We saw this news, and thought of our two. I would not trust Leo with any small child, though he tends to respond rather better with children, than he does with adult males. We even had a Dog Man in to try to correct his agression- & paid through the nose- to no avail. We just do not trust him, therefore are very watchful, & never take him out unless on a lead. Gom walks him daily, & he is very well behaved he says.
    Honey is rather more timid, but we are still watchful.

  3. My own theory - probably with no basis in scientific fact - is that breeding dogs to be smaller also produces smaller brains.

  4. Interesting... I know vets who have said it is always the small ones who get you!

    I agree though - problem owners cause most, if not all, of the problems in dogs. Especially with smaller dogs, it seems, training goes by the wayside.


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