October 24, 2009

Painted horses are mane attraction for anatomy students

A picture paints a thousand words... and this picture would certainly replace the dry and dusty tomes we had to learn from..and make understanding the way a horse walks on the nail of it's third finger easier, let alone the way they can sleep without using muscles to support themselves..

There are some great online pages to help with anatomy these days and we have recently purchased some software designed to demonstrate anatomy, medical conditions and surgical procedures to clients... it is the Diagnostic Imaging Atlas - you can download a free demo (although it is a large file) at http://www.diawebster.com/
It is really interactive, so we are planning to use it on the big screens, which will make a change from just power points, and the students can have a go on it too.

But I still might need a shaved dog and a good artist for next years classes....

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