October 7, 2009

Pocket Pigs are the latest pet craze

I would love one, but I think the price tag is too steep- about $2000 NZ!
I think we have enough pets already at our house, even if they can be house trained. ... but I do love pigs - they are so intelligent and have great personalities. I was lucky enough to run a breeding unit on a 200 sow unit when i was at vet school.. was a great way to spend the summer!
On the negative side, the smell is an issue - I took my students to visit a large piggery once - we got spattered with pig um poo, and the smell as we got back on the bus was indescribable - the gumboots had to go in the boot of the bus. As we were backpacking in primitive conditions, I later had to use my fleece jacket as a pillow - phew!! I relived that piggery alright.
I did have the best nails I have ever grown that summer on the pig farm - I don't think my finger nails went near my mouth once !

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  1. I can vouch for pigs being clever and kind animals. At least ours are. They are not pocket-size though. I'm not sure it's a good 'evolutionary' development for pigs to be able to fit in the Louis Vuitton of Paris Hilton.

  2. You are right Carolina... that does seem a very backward step!

  3. Oh. I have so enjoyed visiting your blog. We have 2 dogs, & they are loves of our lives. We lived in Chch before moving over here to Oz. We do not currently have a cat... but I know my cat will arrive in my life when it is ready!
    You have a wonderful blog.

  4. yeah, they look cute while they're little, but i doubt if they will be as cute when they grow big and sloppy!
    i would still choose cat over them...

  5. Now they are beautiful! I grew up on a pig farm (you can tell!) & love love love piggies!! xxx

  6. Not sure exactly how big they will get Odette - but I doubt they will be big and sloppy... although they are pigs!

    Thank you Meggie - nice to know you are enjoying it :)


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