October 15, 2009

SPCA sickened and disturbed by nail attack on this cat

Tonight, I am ashamed of the fact this horrible attack happened here in Christchurch. I can only hope someone knows who did this and reports them.

There is a wonderful article on the SPCA in this month's North and South Magazine here in New Zealand in which they discuss their work and some of their cases. There is certainly growing concern at the relationship between violence in the home, child abuse and mistreatment of animals. One area of concern was the tendency for young children who are abused and regularly seeing violence in their homes. to discover "power and control" by starting on animals as their victims. It is a disturbing trend... probably happening all over the world.
The SPCA are hoping that publicising this will help them to get enough information from the public to catch them.
Anyone local with information should call 03 3497057.

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  1. At times l hate humans with a passion. There is so much abuse to animals the only hope was it was dead fast.

  2. That is one of the most horrible examples of abuse I've ever seen. What kind of a person could do such a thing!

  3. Sickening. That's all I can manage here.

  4. I suspect that children who are treated cruelly, will pass it along.
    How very sad.

  5. Oh my word - this is unbelievable. I really cannot understand what makes people do things like this to animals!

    We had a little cat - Miss Girl - who had suffered abuse in her life prior to living with us. Every time she did something that was a reaction to her past, we got so angry! Poor little one had a lot of issues at the hands of a horrible human!

    I sure hope they find the person who did this.

  6. In the states they have a set of I think it is 12 indicators someone is likely to become a serial killer ( for some reason 90% of the worlds serial killers are in the US ). Some of them seem to be on the daft side like bed wetting till the teens. However abuse of animals is very high on the list.


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