October 17, 2009

Two faced cats and other conjoined animals

Every now and then we see reports of animals born with extra legs or heads... generally they are the parasitic remains of what would have been a twin, where the egg fails to divide cleanly, or the foetuses become merged in some way...Most of them die, but some of them do live.. adapting to having two heads or six legs or parasitic parts...


Here is Lil'Bet - you can read more here


The most remarkable thing about this cat is that it appears that he not only has two faces, but also has two functioning brains. Even though no x-rays have been taken to confirm this, veterinarians think that the two brains function independently because one face can sleep while the other is awake, one face can sneeze while the other does not, and both faces eat and breathe.

Meet Frank and Louie... each side has a name. He was six years old when this was taken.
They have two mouths, two noses and two working eyes. "He" does have a third eye in the middle, but it is non-functional.

If you like this sort of thing - you can read more  at Feline Medical Curiosities - Conjoined Kittens - or check out Feline Medical Curiosities- Facial Deformities


  1. amazing Never seen that before most
    not be easy to share a body or they might not know any better. It looks if the cat shares an eye or not That wouldn't be eaysy if one ones to sleep and the other doesn't

  2. wow...never heard or thought of that happening! xx

  3. the fact that these conjoined animals survived is amazing. we also have a conjoined baby here(human) with two heads, and until now both baby is alive. doctors are still contemplating on how to separate them coz they got only one body.

  4. I had some questions but you answered them in the text.

  5. The bad news Odette is they probably wont be able to..

    the good news- they might learn to adapt.
    Have you seen these lovely girls?


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