October 18, 2009

Waikato cat thaws out after freezer ordeal- an owner's worst nightmare?

A south Waikato family's cat has survived 19 hours in a freezer.

The cat, Krillen, was found by owner Sarah Crombie, 27, lying stiff and semi-conscious on a bag of dog food when she went to get a loaf of bread out of the freezer.

"I was looking in there and I heard this funny noise," the Te Kuiti mother-of-two told the Herald on Sunday .

"It was sort of a 'miaow' but he was so half-frozen he couldn't get the noise out properly, poor thing. So I look down and I see this grey fluffy thing sitting on top of the bag of dog food under a rack."

Her partner Sid Sisson had shut the top-loading freezer the night before, not realising the cat was inside.

Fortunately, Mr Sisson, 28, knew it was essential to raise the body temperature of hypothermia sufferers slowly. So he put the cat under his shirt and got into bed with him.

The dairy farmer kept Krillen under blankets and against his bare chest for three hours until he thawed out.

Dr Nick Cave, senior lecturer at Massey University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital, said the cat's survival was impressive and probably down to Mr Sisson warming him up slowly.

When I read stuff like this, I am pleased I have a front loading freezer!
Glad she didn't just put him in front of a fire or heater - certainly saved his life.

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  1. aww, she's a cute cat and i am glad she survived this ordeal. hmmm, next time she sees the freezer opening she will be running away from it, hahaha.

  2. So nearly a tragedy! I love stories like this, where the animal gets saved.

  3. Mom has six cats and at least twice a year she will open the refridgerator and one will come walking out. I myself have to shoo mine out of the fridge once in a while. At least they get used more often the the freezer. I can go days not opening that. I would be worried about lack of air as much as hypothermia.

  4. Oh what a scary thing to have happen! I'm glad it has a happy ending.

    I had one cat get locked in the fridge. My crazy Luna girl, when she was tiny, tried every time I opened the door to get in. She managed to sneak past me once, but thankfully I heard her right away. She was only in for a minute or two. She is also my only cat who got in the clothes dryer. I've seen one too many cats brought to the ER because they got locked in the dryer... scary stuff!


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