October 5, 2009

Wild dogs that commute from suburbs to scavenge in city in Russia

I wonder if this is true? Pretty clever dogs if it is! There are more pictures and a video on this link :)
They are lucky there is room in the carriages.. probably would not work in London or New York!

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  1. They are clever these dogs looking for a warm spot as it can be pretty cold out there. LOL
    See you're from Christchurch too.
    Nice to see more and more people blogging here. Yesterday it was a beautiful day at the west coast when it was raining in chch and snowing in dunedin. Being dutch I am not taken aback by the cold but by the cold houses. It took us a while to get it well insulated
    Hope it is warming up soon though

  2. Dogs are more clever than humans sometimes.


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