November 30, 2009

Antonia Steeg.... New Zealand animal and rural photography.

This site has some wonderful pictures of animals and Antonia also features interesting views of rural New Zealand scenery. I have put up one of her horse pictures, but it is probably easier to start at the gallery to see more of her wide range of topics:)
Have a look at

Really, really tired at the moment - and it doen't help that people think we must be sitting around at work twiddling our thumbs because classes have finished for the year. Yeah right!!!! Shame about all the interviews, marking, submitting final results, assessment and handout planning we get to do instead! Another long day... bring back the classes!!! The stress levels have been sky high and I landed up having a good cry last week... not sure it helped, but it did help to remind me just how tired and stressed I was... still am, but trying to pace myself more. I spent a quiet weekend catching up with friends and my parents - but still slept badly and got up at about 5....too much to think about I guess.
This week we are also interviewing for a new staff member to join our small team. Sadly, my long term friend and colleague is cutting back to being a part time casual tutor, so I need a new office mate and programme leader. Times change, but I will miss her being around greatly.

On top of it all, the summer has abandoned us here... it is cold, and damp and grey, even though it was incredibly hot last week. . Tonight, we have even lit the fire - I am grateful for the cheerful warmth and a cosy room!

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  1. Oh I love horses evven dreamt about them although I had never much to do with them. Beautiful picture and the name of the photographer sounds a bit Dutch.

    I didn't know you were a teacher That is hard work. I thought you worked with animals.
    Anyway I hope you soon get some rest Look good after yourself That is very important. Here everything is at the end of the year In Europe it is a bit divided over the year. Now take care and try to spoil yourself

  2. Thanks Marja... I am a vet, and I run the vet nursing course here at CPIT.... so i get to teach and work with animals.... and people lol

  3. Sorry you're so knackered Fi,You need a holiday, grab Kirst & H & come to wet & windy England to see me! XXX

  4. oh Fiona, you have got to take it easier, or you are going to burn out at this rate. Take care of yourself.

    Gill in Canada


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