November 1, 2009

Bangladesh journey drawing to a close...

James and Jess are winding up their time in Bangladesh with a week long holiday, a conference, and in early December, on their third wedding anniversary, they will leave Bangladesh and head off on a meandering journey to London, New York, spending Christmas with my brother in Vancouver, and then home via Australia. No idea when they actually arrive back in New Zealand, but sure the plans will filter through in time :) I think it is Febuary! So still four months away. They have put up some great photos - do check out their blog entries

Darling Phoebe has been very ill this weekend, requiring a trip last night to the Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland to be rehydrated. A worrying time for everyone, but she is home today, and a nurse will be visiting her to check that she is alright. Not sure what the cause is - hard to tell with babies and viruses and bugs... but she is a tired wee girl, as are her parents!
Sure they will write about it when they have caught up on some sleep - watch out at:

While my partner worked last night, I had a girls night with my friend, and we rewatched the wonderful Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. It is a great story of not only the support of female friendship, warts and all, but a brilliant illustration of how we need to appreciate that our mothers were people, with their own lives and dreams and aspirations, before we were born, and hold a horde of stories that we may never know about, unless their friends make sure we hear them! So, today, I am going to have a lazy Sunday and catch up with my parents...who knows what I might learn!

and just because - my smile for the day is:


  1. James and Jess have a long trip ahead of them, I hope they enjoy every second of it! Prayers for the wee Phoebe that she recovers quickly!And I also love Divine Secrets...its one of those watch yearly (sometimes more) movies...what a sweetie of a pug! Thanks for the smile

  2. Congrats to the pair and hope they have a great trip. Seen the photos they already had a great time.
    Hope Phoebe get well. and what a great thought for today that our mums are people. We often forget that they are more than mums as my kids do. The little one is so cute
    Have a great day

  3. Glad to hear they're having fun!

    Sorry to hear that the baby was sick...that's always a worrying time for parents.

    And you're right, you can learn a lot from your parents friends!

    Hope today is a good one :D


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