November 6, 2009

Dinner doodle gets girl on Google

Amelia Abbott, 8, has won a competition, "New Zealand Doodle for Google", and will have her work appear on for a day next year...
Her winning doodle is a wonderful collection of classic New Zealand Icons...the silver fern, kiwi, kiwifruit, morepork, nikau palm and tuatara

Thousands of NZ schoolchildren took part and there are some other amazing winners on this news article - do go and have a look.


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  1. OMG! I clicked on and wondered where in heaven you had gotten a picture of my granddaughter, Arianna (to see a likeness on my blog, go back to August the pic of her in the hospital bed after her tonsils were removed...amazing likeness!)
    Now, I have a favor to blog friend Gill is having a terrible problem with her pup Molly...she chews her paws...Gill is at
    and she talks about this problem in her blog...anyway, I'm so awful, I just had to see if you could contact her and perhaps give her some advice to help that sweet Molly...the Vet there I take it has not been able to do much...I know, I'm sorry...on my own behalf, I do the same thing to my father (he's a Doctor, too...but people)...can't wait to see the little Googler's work!

  2. wow, such a talented young girl!! is that her doodle in the background? i like it!
    hey Fi, i got an award for you.

  3. I heard it on the radio but hadn't seen it yet. What a great artwork Thinks that should earn her more than a day

  4. what a great competition & super design.

    Thanks for popping by muy blog , I'm going to follow yours now !

  5. Bless Sandi for sending you over to me.

    In answer to a couple of your questions, we got Molly from a shelter, so have no history of her at all.

    When she is bad she chews both her paws and her tummy/vulva area. She scratches generally everywhere else with her paws, but nothing too much.

    She is worse through night when she wakes up and is bored, as we are asleep, then she chews away or scratches.

    We are finishing another three week cycle of the magic pink pills, and are down to 1/2 pill twice a day, tomorrow (Sunday) being the last day.

    Allergy testing is going to cost $390.03, money we can ill afford to pay at the moment.

    I had a call into the vet on Thursday to see what the next step is, but she hasn't called me back yet?

    We have her on a top of the line vegetarian food this one: However I am thinking its not a food allergy. She has been on this food now, for around six weeks now.

    If you ahve any ideas of what else we could do, I would love to hear them.

    Gill in Canada


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