November 8, 2009

Dog tales.. fireworks mayhem.

Ok - I have Guy Fawkes week worked out now.

What are 'appeasing pheromones'?
Wednesday 4th pm - apply DAP (click here to read more)  to dogs bandanas tv and put up with stereo panting from them.Forget to feed dogs while still daylight - Jess refuses to eat as she is too stressed!

Thursday 5th pm : Guy Fawkes...we are going out to an Award dinner... so my partner leaves the dogs alone with the tv, curtains drawn, wearing their DAP bandanas.

We return home about 9, clean up the chaos and decide to take the dogs for a walk along the lake to face their firework fears, which, despite the heavy panting, they seemed to enjoy. We then had stereo panting while we watched tv until bedtime. Jess bravely manages again with no dinner...

Friday 6th pm: my partner is working and I am babysitting for a kids are all going out, so before they leave they carefully shut the bathroom door, where Saffy shut herself in the night before while "poo hunting" behind the door, and tried again to dig her way to freedom. Sadly, she decided to do it through the wrong door; the airing cupboard door.... but then she is blonde! I return home later and, again, clean up (some) of the chaos...

Saturday 7th am: I wake up, give Jess an extra large breakfast as she is not eating at night. Find a wet and shredded dead feather quilt in garden that had been hanging innocently on the washing line at some point the day before until the deranged canines found it.  We missed finding that in the dark... must have been done before they were shut inside! We clean up the feathers all over the courtyard, feeling like we are working in some sort of chicken-killing factory and hope the fine sunny weather will give way to strong winds later ( it did) and that the feathers will be organically distributed back to line birds nests.

Saturday 7th pm:  I get to apply ALL the knowledge learned - training really works!
 I apply the DAP to their bandanas, feed the dogs in brilliant sunshine at 5 pm...turn up the tv in the lounge and this time, also the radio in the bedroom... shut the bathroom door to protect the airing cupboard... then have to work out how to stop the laundry door shutting, gritting my teeth at the damage to the laundry door where Saffy tried to dig her self out the previous night after the ironing board fell over and locked her in...
I then shut ALL the curtains fully and create a secure and dim cave for them... and bravely go out.

Result... doors and bedding - safe. Dogs fine... apart from Saffy's damaged nails and foot licking that I just know is going to cost me this week!
Might just sit home quietly with them tonight.... Can some one remind me again why I have two dogs?

Fireworks have a lot to answer for!


  1. Awww, it's horrible isn't it! The poor things, hope they're feeling better soon! Fireworks should be banned from the general public!

  2. Your patience is admirable!! I had visions of red when you told me about the duvet, reading this now though there is a funny side, in a past tense sort of way :)
    Great post! Hope Saffies nails are improving, naughty blonde puppy that I do adore.


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