November 8, 2009

Getting up close and personal with the lions at Werribee Open Range Zoo

Wow... that is getting up close and personal!!
I grew up near Whipsnade Zoo in England...which was an "open Zoo"... and I remember the feeling of being on the African Plains as we drove though in the car.

Here in New Zealand, we have some wonderful zoos and wildlife parks. Many years ago when I first visited Christchurch, I went to our local Orana Park to see the new lion cubs. It was great, but increased safety laws meant they later closed some of the lion access. Many years later, they have managed to reopen the popular lion encounter rides... which are apparently very exciting...
Both offer a chance to see lions at close quarters...
Me - I will always love the noise... the deep rumble and power of the roar.
I might stay away from the teeth though.

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  1. You of course know how I feel about cats...but the big cats are my passion. Lions and tigers and panthers (oh my) cougars and them all. Thanks for sharing the picture...I notice no one has the appearance of fear on their faces...the little lady in the back a look of surprise but the two front seat passengers look the way I I'd died and gone to heaven...

  2. Beautiful animal....I wouldn't want to be THAT close though!! xxx

  3. Neither am I Trace!! I would feel more secure if the car is covered. I love cats but not as big as those!!!


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