November 28, 2009

Greyhounds and Friends

Sometimes people forget that greyhounds need homes once they are unable to race anymore... these lovely dogs make wonderful pets. I was surprised how gentle and placid they can be considering they are bred for speed.

I have had many students who are involved in this worthwhile cause of rehoming greyhounds. I found this blog about it, and you can also see more in New Zealand at

For those living overseas, just search for "Greyhounds as Pets" and your own local organisations will show up. Most of them run get togethers where you can meet available dogs, get together regularly at local parks to show off your dogs and meet other potential adopters.
If you are interested, do get in touch with them and find out if you are a suitable owner... they will be more than happy tell you what is required :)

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  1. We have a local woman who has Greyhound pets, & she uses some of them as visitor dogs for the hospital. When our grandson was in Hospital he was thrilled to see the dogs, & even had Jack on his bed! The nurses 'turned a blind eye'.

  2. I had heard, not sure where, that retired greyhounds didn't make the best pets if you had other animals in the house?

    Gill in Canada


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