November 28, 2009

Killer whales: Death by karate chop,

killer whale

Moments before the deadly blow. The raised fin is about to come crashing down like a karate chop on a shark (circled). It has been driven to the surface by the orca before this coup de grace

An interesting article on how Orcas track and kill sharks.... check it out, and the other photos. I do think their sheer size difference helps, but I am intrigued how they have learned that holding a shark upside down can immobilize it! Shame that humans have not go th3 ability to do that to sharks when they are attacked!

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  1. What a magnificent shot. Oh that's what you have to do with sharoks Hold them upside down and give them karate chops. Clever whale

  2. I've seen video of groups of dolphins hunting sharks. They circle the shark while some nose butt it from below. Apparently they are successful when the shark gets hit in the liver and it ruptures. Interesting analogy to Karate. Knowing where and how to strike. There has been the odd story of a human coming out the survivor in a fact with a shark but I can recall very few where the human was not badly harmed in some way in the process.

  3. I've seen a video of about 3 whales circling a block of ice with a seal on it, rocking it back and forth to try to get him to slip off. It was as if the whales were toying with them. And then when the seal fell in it miraculously escaped.


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