November 10, 2009

New Zealand's Oldest Cat

This lovely cat, Smokey, that reminds me of my own cat, Motley, is apparently 24 years and 9 months old, verified by vet records. That is equivalent to 111 human years and he has been confirmed as the oldest cat here in a recent competition.
So, can anyone overseas beat this?

My own Motley has been adopted by our neighbours.. which means they each get to call him either 'Bronski' or 'Henry', enjoy his company, entertain their visitors, and I get to pay for his food, vaccinations, flea treatments, worm tablets, and recently, because they asked me to do a house call when he was vomiting, his check up, meds and blood tests. In return he gets to wander here whenever he wants to see us, and get called 'Motley' again. However, my partner has now decided he suits the name "Douglas" better. Excuse me if I have problems keeping up!! He is about 15 now - wonder if he will make 24?

And just to let you know, after my recent post on our Guy Fawkes sagas, Saffy is now swallowing pills and sporting an enormous head collar... but her feet look much better.
Jess is braving the dark again...still a little anxious, but coping...


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  1. it's nice to have a pet that could stay with you for a long time, no? but losing them can be also devastating. however enjoy them as long as you can. my oldest cat right now is only over 2 years old.

  2. I once had a Cat called Ludie, (Ludvig van) that looks just like hime, and He lived till 21 before he started shutting down.

  3. He must have had a happy life!
    Seems to me, your Motley is one spoilt boy!

  4. Don't know of any, personally, who could beat this record. Smokey looks rather healthy, too, for such an advanced age!


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