November 11, 2009

Shark's do-it-yourself caesarean

Visitors to Auckland tourist attraction Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World were given a treat on Tuesday - a fishy lesson on how to deliver babies via caesarean section.
Visitors found baby sharks spilling from a large gaping wound in a female shark and told staff.
A large shark had apparently taken a bite into the female school shark's stomach to deliver the four babies, the New Zealand Herald newspaper reported.
Kelly Tarlton's aquarist Fiona Davies said it was common for sharks to take chunks out of each other, even in the wild, but she had never heard of anything like this.
"It had to bite a certain part to let them out and do it without killing the babies or the mother."
She said the unusual delivery had probably saved the baby sharks' lives.
If there had been a natural birth, the babies would have been eaten by adult sharks and stingrays before staff could rescue them.
The young sharks have been put in a "nursery" before they were released into the wild.
The mother shark was doing "surprising well" and was being monitored.
How amazing... never heard of this before.
Just wish it had happened when we were there recently!!!!


  1. That is amazing!!!! What a sight it must have

  2. Wow and gross, hey must have amazing healing factors, can you resew a shark if needed?

  3. all I can say is wow......isn't it surprising what happens in the wild.

    Gill in Canada

  4. There is a video of the mother and babies here:

    and yes - apparently a vet sewed her up!

  5. What an amazing story. I loved visiting Kelly Tarltons Underwater World.
    Saw nothing as amazing as that though!

  6. Wow! What a truly amazing story!!


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