December 21, 2009

Auckland SPCA facing catastrophe - national |

This is always the sad reality of people allowing their cats, or dogs, to breed, is that there are far too many needing homes and not enough people offering homes. Whether this oversupply appears worse becuase of the recession, or as they say, as a result of theri own advertising, it will probably result in a lot of kittens being put to sleep .If you can help with placements, or fostering, I am sure any local SPCA would like to hear from you.

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  1. Mike and I go every couple of weeks to hug the kitties....we were there last weekened and saw all these kitties and omg they are so dang cute. They had to put cans in the cat doors between some of the cages and the runs to keep more cats out the back. It's tragic... the wee kitties looking up at you just sitting and begging with their eyes to take them home...we have 3 cats already but soo hard not to take more.

    A month ago there were hardly any kitties there.


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