December 18, 2009

Daily Tails of Chase...

Have you heard of "Chase" ? I hadn't until a vet student training in Edinburgh blogged about it today.

Although the pictures are unusual, the wonder of these lovely people caring for a cat that most people would have put to sleep is worth reading...
When Chase was four weeks old, she was hit by a car and left. Luckily, after a few days, someone found her and brought her to a clinic, and after she was treated for her injuries (including amputation of a back leg) she was rehomed to one of the clinic’s technicians. However, her face later sloughed off due to injuries, resulting in the loss of her nose and the surrounding skin.
Here is Chase as The Christmas Cat.....
 for more stories and pictures.....

Today, I officially started being on holiday... for quite a while.  I know this, but it doesn't seem real. I imagine I will want to go to work as usual on Monday... might take me a few days to switch off and not to think about the pile of work waiting for us all to return next month! I guess if I was packing to get on a plane tomorrow it might feel more real... but burnout tends to make things feel different. There is a mild sense of relief and I am sure the rest will sort itself out. At least it is hot! We have a strong NorWester here pushing up the temperatures...

Last night we went to see Avatar in 3D...
Absolutely amazing and I was spellbound for three hours..... and the 3D really made you feel like you were in the movie with them.
10 ice creams out of 10... and that is not how many we ate in the three hours... :)
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  1. it will be shown here soon, and this early my boys had been egging me to watch it with them. now that you have vouch for it, i decided i will!
    Have a good trip Fi, and enjoy your holiday, ok?
    any word from Kirst?

  2. You are one busy amazing lady...enjoy your month of and deal with work when you go back, thats what i will be doing!!xx Merry Xmas Fi


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