December 10, 2009

Dogs have got cats licked

Most people are either a cat or a dog person.... I have often been asked this question, and as the current owner of six cats and two dogs, I can't imagine life without owning either of them. As species they are so different. I admire the beauty and agility and 'decorativeness' of the cats. The steady rumble when they purr, soothing, calming and comforting. The way they curl up on the furniture and weave round your legs when you become the food manufacturer. I feel happy when the dogs crowd at the gate, Saffy curling her lips into a smile of pleasure, their tails waving, even when I have just been down the road for 10 minutes...the way Jessie presses against me when I cry, even the way she licks us - just don't yawn near her! Saffy never licks... far too well trained before I got her!
Despite 30 years as a vet and 14 of them running a cattery, I still react badly if I get cat fur in my eyes. Perhaps this is why I see my cats as decorative rather than interactive; excessive stroking leaves fur on my hands.... so I don't handle them as much as I want to - but Bailey can still sleep cuddled close near my head, and I cope.
Shall I start on the vacuuming and hassles associated with keeping ahead of the fur mountain these all create?
Or all the costs?
I do feel sad that these might be the last dogs I own.. the thought of not being tied to kennels and walks and worries about leaving them for too long may mean I do not get another dog.. but then I think perhaps a small, maybe even a non-shedding dog, that can come with me everywhere, even to work, might be tempting. Perhaps I could do a Paris Hilton handbag job!
My friend is buying a Burmilla, which is the cat you can see in this picture. They look beautiful, and I am very tempted by them. More realistically, perhaps I need a hairless Sphynx cat... swap brushing for bathing and get more interactive. Maybe this would even replace the need for a dog in my life? One of my students brings her Sphynx up to polytech on a lead...
So, now, are you a cat person or a dog person...or both?


  1. As much as I love my cat (she sleeps on the bed most nights), I have to say I'm more a dog person. We have 4 border collies, all working dogs yet all beloved pets too and we wouldn't be without them.

    CJ xx

  2. Definately both! I enjoy the little people that cats are. Each feline is a remarkable individual.

    Dogs open up another world for me, one that is shut off, if they are not a part of my life.

  3. Most certainly, as well you know! I am a DOG person!!! LOL XXX

  4. I am both but because cats are far more easy care and we have a busy live that's why we choose for cats.
    That cat on the picture looks indeed gorgeous. What a bad luck about the cat fur

  5. i think I am both, although at present i only own cats. yeah, furs can be very annoying especially when they attaches to your favorite shirt or pants. but what the heck, they add joy to my life!

  6. I'm a cat person, for sure. Always had a cat, until I met and married MY WIFE (she's allergic to animal dander.) It was a fair trade :-)

  7. I wasn't allowed to have cats when I was growing up, and I wanted them! When I moved out on my own, I became a full on cat person! However, that said, I love dogs too! We are in an apartment where we can't have a dog currently, but one of these days!

    I'll have to convince my husband to get a dog though. He is more of a cat person.


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