December 24, 2009

'Giant George' , 7ft-long blue great dane and MERRY XMAS everyone

So glad I am not feeding this! Mind you, the food bill for my two dogs and six cats is probably not far behind this.
Go and look - this dogs foot is bigger than his owner's hand!
Meanwhile, I had better go and get some food for all the humans too - it is Christmas Eve: one sleep to go. Tomorow we will see Phoebe's family. They are staying with us next week.... yee haa.
Lots of lovely recent Xmas pictures of them all here....

James and Jess are chillin' ( where it is relaxing and cold) , in Vancouver with my brother's family. Just got off an early morning skype with them... bed hair and all - was lovely to see them. WIll catch them again tomorrow for Xmas day.

Wishing you all a wonderful Xmas - eat, drink, be merry and enjoy friends, family and here, a glorious sunny day! The upper half of the world has their wish of a white Xmas - me, I am happy in the new swing seat, with a glass of something cold and my feet up... the best part? I can use my laptop out there as it is shady!

Take care

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  1. My god!!! That dog is huge! Imagine getting that in the back of the car? Thanks for all your comments Fi. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas in NZ and best wishes for 2010. xx

  2. OMG l would hate to do a GDV or other op on him. Imagine trying to get him onto the op table, let alone x rays.!!!!

    Have a good Christmas and New Year Fi.

  3. What a lovely dog!!!
    A very happy Christmas Fi to you both.
    Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Happy Holidays!



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