December 30, 2009


If Xmas is all about family, then my partner and I have been incredibly lucky this year to have caught up with so many members of all our extended family.  Xmas day was filled with a blend of the two, where his family came to spend Xmas with my family, at my parents' house.... and it was inspring to see Xmas through the eyes of children again.   
Phoebe is a wee delight and it is wonderful having her and her gorgeous sisters here. 


As you can see, the grown ups also joined in the dress ups with a  vengeance....

and it was a hot, glorious day full of laughter, great food and a quick skype to catch up with my brother in Vancouver, where James and Jess also spent Xmas - they put up their Xmas pictures at

Boxing day was spent recovering, exploring the boardwalk around the lake across our road.... cooler weather, but at least we walked off the Xmas feasting.

Finally, on Sunday, my partner got together with his two brothers... the annual get together, although they all live locally so we do see them in between! Managed to get them out for a photo with some of the children ....

We have the family here for New Years - so having a party here at home... a small one anyway. 

Being surrounded by the family has helped me remember what is important in my life!  Good health and happiness...

Wishing you all the best for a wonderful New Year.


  1. A lovely family Christmas, Still seems strange to see everyone in summer clothes! xxx

  2. I have to agree with is strange to see you all in summer clothes! lovely christmas!! happy new year to you all! xxxx

  3. Looks like you had a great time :D Slightly warmer than us! Hope the New Year is full of joy for you!


  4. Lovely! A Very Merry (if somewhat belated) Christmas to you!

  5. Happy New Year What a wonderful family photos and all these lovely kiddies. I had a quiet christmas this year with some friends as all my family including my husband were overseas.
    The lake were you went is that the one with lots of birds and ducks and lookouts I spent christmas close to there on the hospital side

  6. Marja, our lake is Horseshoe Lake, in Burwood, which is also a wildlife reserve :)


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