January 7, 2010

Dogs found marooned on ridge

Two pet labradors are lucky to be alive after being found exhausted and malnourished following 11 days stranded on a steep river ridge.

The Eastment family woke on Christmas Day to discover their dog Shannon and her daughter Mya missing and the gate open. A search of the area failed to turn up any clues.

This scenario is always my biggest fear when my dogs take off - as they did last year at Spencer Park Beach. ELeven days must have felt an eternity for this couple, the dogs too!

Just clcik on the link http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/3212504/Dogs-found-marooned-on-ridge to readabout Shannon and Mya...
and remember what happened my two here: http://fourpawsandwhiskers.blogspot.com/2009/06/lost-dogs.html

Now - back to my book - still holidays - still hot - still lovin' it...

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  1. They look such beautiful dogs, I can imagine how distraught the owners were, I know I would be if any of mine went missing.

    CJ xx

  2. With dog theft at an all time high I
    cannot imagine not having an inside locking hasp on each gate as well as
    concrete squares underneath to prevent digging. I'm so glad they
    got them back!

  3. From mountain climbing I know climbing up is much more difficult than climbing down. I would guess 3 to 5 times more difficult though figuring a way to measure it would be hard and vary lots from person to person.

    So I can see how the dogs could have climbed up only to discover there was no way back down ( sounds like a bad marriage doesn't it )

    Anyway I am very glad they are now back home. I also have to admit I had never thought about dogs climbing before. I've seen cats do it in fact I think my house cat is part spider.

    In the Rockies as a Cadet I recall another section ( group of 8 ) who were taking a shortcut straight up to cut a day off a 4 day hike. The last cadet was an exchange from Sandhurst. Suddenly he was climbing like a spider and in a flash past the lead climber. When the rest caught up he was out of breath and they asked what happened. He pointed all of them had climbed within 10 feet of a cougar and he was the only one to notice it. It was sunning itself on a ledge of what was basically a vertical cliff.

    I'm not jealous in fact I'm glad it wasn't my section. I wouldn't have had enough clean undershorts.

  4. Sid - your mention of cougars reminded me of this saga - you might be interested!

    NZ people are unlikely to do the concrete and extra locks.. unless their dogs are also guarding a drug lab.

  5. The cougar stuff was great. Answered questions I had for the past 40 years.

    Rocky being blind is never off leash. His leash has a set of flashing leds. I also have a dog "bling" collar for him with reflective stripe and two hangers one flashes red blue yellow green in sequence and the other is one of those blue led keychains.

    He likes wearing it as he knows he is somehow "dressed up" also he loves the extra attention.


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