January 16, 2010

Feral Cats

Yesterday we drove out to Cheviot and Gore Bay to visit friends. Along with good company, in idyllic surroundings, with superb wine, home made rich and wonderful Christmas cake and fresh coffee, we met a kitten called Puski...who was the only kitten left from a wild cat. The rest had to be destroyed as they were unmanageable... but Puski is now a delightful tabby kitten, much cared for and loved.
I saw this picture today and it reminds me of her. The blog it is from is a great one for cat lovers - do check it out... :)

I was also impressed with the wonderful Cathedral Cliffs and the wild beauty of the Gore Bay surf beach!
You can see what I mean here:

Colder here today - might have to wear a jumper! Still, at least the temperatures are in the high teens, and there is no snow, which is more than can be said for the top hemisphere of the world right now!
Take care :)

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  1. The cat looks pretty fierce in that photo. The Cathedral Cliffs look lovely. I half caught a picture on that site of the ‘Paki Sand Dunes’ (is that correct) that don’t look at all how I imagine NZ.

    Oh... Got up this morning and the snow has all but disappeared.

  2. What a cute cat picture. I was yesterday just thinking of stopping at the cathedral cliffs (of cheviot isn't it) as we are going to walk the kaikoura track in april and we are leaving a day earlier. Now I plan it in for sure

  3. Yes Worrier.. - the Te Paki sand dunes are in Northland - New Zealand has many different types of scenery... that site is good for seeing them ;)

    Yes - you can turn off at Domet for the Cathedral Cliffs Marja :)


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