January 5, 2010

Holidays.... loving it!

Been quiet on the blogging as been busy with the holidays... but the visitors have, sadly, all gone, so been forced to enjoy alternative activities, particularly today, falling asleep on my new swing chair :) We are left with great memories and a quiet home but it has been a wonderful Xmas and New Year. Not much more to add, but can leave you with a few photos.

Phoebe was her usual happy self....

her sisters keeping her well entertained...

The girls bonding with my daughter... with the dogs waiting for breakfast.

and Bailey, discovering a special new place she can sleep in....

It was great.... and in four weeks, James and Jess return, a year to the day they left. Looking forward to seeing them and hearing all the news.

So, sorry to hear so many people are having a very cold winter... but excuse us while we enjoy a lovely hot summer! Our roles will be reversed far too soon.

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  1. Just looking at this post again, I can't get over how much Phoebe has changed. The HAIR!!!
    ......................happens fast doesn't it...........


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