January 6, 2010

Horseshoe Lake....wildlife reserve.

There are some compensations to living where we do.... even if our house needs a lot of work as it is the original farmhouse for the area! Driving home to see this and knowing it is at the end of the driveway makes up for many problems... we took the dogs for a walk along the lakefront and fed the ducks last week. No shortage of interesting birds as it is a local wildlife reserve.

Love the picture of Phoebe striding out. She will be 15 months next week!


  1. That doesnt look like I imagine NZ to be (all Lord of the rings and that). And whats odd id that we have a Horseshoe Lake just round the corner from us!

  2. I haven't got a lake near me....if I did it wouldn't be as beautiful as that! xxx

  3. Our dogs would love a swim in that lake. (And scare the shit out of those ducks when trying to beat them to the bread.) So weird to see sunny pictures when our end of the world is covered in snow.

  4. LOL
    I really love the 'Phoebe strut' as well. Cool pic.
    We had a great time, I came back feeling well caught up, relaxed and a little homesick. It takes me a few days to get back into the swing of Hibiscus life again.

    Certainly is a beautiful spot you got there. Hope you can make it work, or find something just as relaxing and rewarding.


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