January 14, 2010

"Animals In Casts"

Careful use of a "cast" or splints or just special strong bandages can help many animals when they have injuries like damaged tendons or fractured bones. Sometimes they are just put on to keep a limb still when there are postoperative wounds and dressings.

Casts are not without problems as they can get wet, slip off, rub the skin, and the pet requires a lot of rest, ideally in a cage. Not always easy for theri owners!
Also, they may need to be on for many weeks to ensure bone healing where there is a fracture.

This site shows you a wide range of animals that have casts on.... just click to see them all. At least we now have a wide range of colours to choose from....

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  1. OMG that poor kitten! How cute though :-)

  2. Oooohh! That poor baby! I could understand if it was an adult cat, but that kitten doesn't even look old enough to be weened!

  3. That kitten was soooo cute hi fifi its meh hebah hello


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