January 9, 2010

Fat Cats

I just hope your cat doesn't look like this... one of mine has an eating disorder and could easily get this big!

If you do have an overweight cat at home, please talk to you vet and atrrange a prescription diet to elt it lsoe the weight slowly. There are health risks associated with this problem, particularly diabetes, let alown the fact they can't wash themselves.

However, if overweight cats are suddenly deprived of food, they can get severe liver damage, which can befatal. It is something vets have to take into account when obese cats become ill or injured, and is a big risk for the cat if they get trapped somewhere! Here is a good article about it:
or here: http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=1+1327&aid=217

I ran a boarding cattery for many years. The sight of these monster cats arriving was always a challenge...the stress of a changed environment often triggers a period of refusing food, and we had to really watch them.
If your cat is ever off its food, for any reason, try these tips to encourage eating:
Warm the food slightly,
Make sure it is strong smelling,
Stroke the cat above the tail and offer small pieces by hand.
Try something different - or just add something like beef stock, sardine oil etc.
It can be anything - the eating is the most important part to keep their nutrient levels up.
Always keep their fluid intake up too. A syringe is ideal but an eye dropper can also help.

Most importantly, talk to your vet - they will need to work ot why it has stopped eating and if the cat is this size shown, it is far more urgent. A well placed feeding tube or assisted feeding method can save their life. There are some great special prescription foods available that offer all they need in a palatable, concentrated form.
Read more here: http://cats.about.com/cs/healthissues/a/fatty_liver_2.htm

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  1. Oh god..you seriously don't want to see our 14 yo cat Tiger then ...she'd nearly be that size...she looks like a sheep when she runs from behind LOL and she's a ginga to boot...our other two...well they are just right...ask Jess :-)))

  2. Thats how I felt after Christmas dinner.

  3. If you do own a fat cat - you can get eercise help tips here!

  4. omg

    I realise the health issues..............but what a fab pillow pussy would make.


  5. Oh, Lord, an elderly relative of mine has a cat almost as large. When I first saw her (the cat) I was flabbergasted. Then I started thinking how much my relative thought she was treating this animal in a loving manner, by feeding it treats and such, but was actually harming the animal tremendously. The cat was so fat it couldn't lick itself in all the places it needed to, if you get my drift. Sad.


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