January 9, 2010

England under snow

Pictures of the day: 8 January 2010 - Telegraph

I really can't believe that the UK is getting so much snow... and seeing this picture certainly makes it clear! Many people have pointed out that countries that get snow regularly have the equipment to deal with it... ploughs and gritters and chains and snowmobiles. I know here in Christchurch, we don't, and the city grinds to a halt. Even when we got heavy snow down in Queenstown, the following ice that formed brought the town to a standstill for a week. Later, after the crisis, which inconvenienced many tourists, they found three grit trucks hidden in some disused piece of land - they forgot they owned them.

Meanwhile, my friends are currently making their way around Paris.... and they report it is Brass Monkey weather. I just hope they can see and experience it all ... and as I once did Paris over New Year, I know it will still be fascinating.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the sun in the garden... with rain forecast tonight. Hopefully snow is a few months away still.

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