January 30, 2010

Rescued dog joins ship crew

Always good to read about happy endings. The only thing missing from this is that the dog is unlikely to be reunited with his family because he did not have a microchip in... sad to think there are people looking for him. Hoping he is happy and cared for anyway.
New Zealand has been reeling about the latest horror of the man who shot his neighbours' 33 dogs... disturbing news reports of the massacre do not help us all cope with it.
We badly need tougher laws for these situations. Prolonged frenzied killing of animals does not say a lot for the man's personality! The dilemma is always working out the two sides to the story - and I am not sure why the man had 33 dogs, and whether we would all be outraged if they had attacked a visitor. The main issue is that if it was required, the dogs should have been rehomed or killed humanely, not slaughtered in fear.

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