February 21, 2010

Cat breastfeeds squirrel

I am particularly pleased to see it is a Red Squirrel, not a Grey! Very cute... check out the link for even more photos :)

Been a hectic fortnight - James and Jess are now home from Bangladesh and their travels and my polytech classes have started again so had to get back into the swing of teaching. It was a good week, although tiring - three new classes meant a lot of talking and planning and worrying!
When my partner and I realised we both had a rare free weekend late Fri afternoon, we made some quick calls to the kids to make sure the dogs would have sitters all weekend, then took off for Hanmer Springs for a couple of nights - back to our favourite Drifters Inn - which I can recommend for a peaceful stay. Lovely to catch up with Kate and her parents again too. They gave us the spa apartment - bliss...
James and Jess were also over there with Jess's family - so we all met up on Saturday and battled our way through a mini-golf tournament in the hot, hot sun, (yes, summer arrived this weekend at last) and when it had cooled down a little, soaked in the hot pools before a beautiful romantic dinner at Malabar's - also worth a trip if you are there...the fusion food was delicious.
Another glorious day here - feeling rested for a busy week ahead :)

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  1. Interesting how mothers will often take on the chore of mothering those not their own.

    By the way, have you something against gray squirrels? Why are you glad it's a red?

  2. The Red are protected in the UK Suldog...

    "For a long time it was assumed that the Grey squirrel was simply out-competing the Red but in 1980 it was discovered that the Greys in East Anglia were carrying squirrel-pox. Most Greys have immunity to this disease and rarely die, but the Reds seem to have no defenses and usually die within 4-15 days.
    Since then the disease has spread to most of Red squirrel populations throughout the UK and is probably the major cause of their decline.
    Recently (2008) a few Red squirrels have been found to have anti-bodies to fight the disease, so it may be possible develop a vaccine, but this is not likely to happen any-time soon if at all, as there is little or no commercial benefit to fund it.
    The only advantages that the reds have is their supremacy in conifer forests and the special place they hold in our hearts.

    The British red squirrel population is estimated at 160,000 75% of which are in Scotland.
    The grey squirrel population is estimated at 3,300,000.
    In England, Greys already outnumber Reds by more than 66:1."

  3. Oh! We dont have squirrels here in OZ, but are always fascinated to read about them.


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