February 28, 2010

Finally, Dogs Have a Toilet Meant for Drinking From

So why are my thoughts on toilets? While thinking about preparing for the tsunami this morning I checked out the NZ Civil Defence advice on evacuation procedures.. have to admit there was not a lot I could put a definite tick beside... particularly with the due water arrival planned for 10 minutes.. (so why was I checking online instead of hurling things into the car???? hmm) - actually, my partner did murmur something in my ear about a tsunami warming when he left for work at 5.45 am - funnily enough, it didn't register and I returned to sleep immediately! A friend then rang about 9... so of course I checked it all out before I took a shower. Judging by the online photos of rather ignorant people walking on the beach beneath the tsunami warning signs, I was at least pretty safe as we are actually some kilometres inland! I did of course check my adult children were up, particularly since my daughter is on crutches with a broken foot! Speed is out of the question for her at the moment.
Anyway - I don't think I could muster a working torch, portable radio, batteries and all the food, documents and photos to take, let alone finding the cats, or enough cages ( which reminds me the one cage we have is on loan) , but I did wonder about filling the scungy 20l canister we drain the fish tank into (eeew) and then, how we could access and drink the water in the toilet cistern. Hence this photo made me smile. Luckily my son reminded me we could just evacuate inland to people with running water... today at least. If a major earthquake hits us, and one day it will apparently, we would not be so lucky.
Meanwhile, thinking of the people in Chile... and Haiti...

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  1. good article Fi, yes it really does make you think about planning ahead...
    We are luckily not near any beaches, and have a multitude of cat cages!
    I have been thinking about all the earthquakes of late, it must only be a matter of time..scary thought!
    on a slightly more positive note...
    the wee pug is very cute! and the "toilet bowl" made me smile

  2. It really makes you wonder, trying to figure out those people who go down to the beaches to see the tsunami.

    Best to be prepared.

    I pretend I'm going on a really fun camping trip and pack away everything I would need for a two weeks away in the mountains. That means I include among the must haves: candy, good things to eat and drink, books, games, camera and a laptop.


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