February 10, 2010

Man operated on own dog

I have been reading so many articles about this lately. I guess the recession is still affecting many pet owners enough to take desperate measures. But it does raise a lot of issues about the pets quality of life, level of care, and if surgery has been performed, were they given the right pain relief and given safe anaesthesia.

Chris is a vet in America and he recently wrote about a client taking his dog to his sister because she was a dentist and could repair its broken canine - which is a major op and Chris was rightly concerned at the anaesthetic that would be used, let alone the actual op! We used to get dentists into the clinic to help sometimes - especially with root canals in large dogs, but these days there are specialist vet dentists and they get pets referred to them. But when it is a price issue - hmmm.

He also wrote about "vets responsibilities" here- are they to the client or the pet?

Today I was sad to read this
A Whanganui teenager, who can't afford a $2500 vet bill, says he will go to jail rather than give up his injured dog.

Bronson Stewart, 18, kidnapped Buck, a five-month-old pup, who was hit by a speeding car two weeks ago, from the vet clinic where he was taken with a seriously broken back leg.

The Wanganui Chronicle reported that Bronson Stewart said the vet had told him and his father Kevin that Buck's leg could be saved by having it pinned back together at a cost of $2500, or the leg could be amputated for $800.

But the two beneficiaries are not able to come up with that sort of money.

So - we have a dog with a painful injury that is not being treated - which is a huge welfare issue and very sad.

We have a strict Animal Welfare Law here in New Zealand, and I am pleased that the SPCA is also investigating the arcade game where they catch a crayfish in a tank with a grappling hook!

Sometimes I really wonder about people - there are so many animal cruelty cases everywhere - so I applaud the call for tougher sentences for these offenders. If people can't respect animals, then they probably can't respect people either, particularly children, or their partners.

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  1. I had to get an Rx to treat high occular pressure in my dog. I didn't know the breed is subject to this and he did go blind I found out later. The Rx is to reduce pain. What surprised me is that the dosage is very different from a human. Though a human would weigh say 200 lbs and the dog 40 the dosage for the dog is 5 times what it would have been for a human. Different species different metabolisms.

    To get close to a human you pretty much need the dose for a pig. Why doesn't that surprise me


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