February 6, 2010

Romance in the air - Part 2

Click on it to see it larger....
"Maybe" was going to take too long to write!
Finally, the timing is right.... but it had to be answered in the theme of the moment!


  1. WAY_HAY!!!!!!!! next question is when, where, what u wearing.....???!!! Can't wait for the photographs!

  2. i have to enlarge it to see the answer - but failed. THEN, i saw it!!!
    i was looking for a red or bold color object, hence i fail to see the white carnations.
    yipee! this is exciting!!!

  3. Sorry Odette, mainly had pale flowers already grown and didn't want to start by planting more - hope you noticed the six cats and two dogs in the picture as well...

    Photos very non existent so far and likely to be slow in the future Tracey :) lol

  4. yes i see them pets... how's Kirst?

  5. Ah! As with Odette, I didn't see it at first, but then... CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful and whimsical way to both propose and accept!

  6. Well, hearty (if rather belated) congratulations to the pair of you :-)

    Now, you really really really must get married on a farm! ;-)

    Oh, just enjoy it!

  7. oh wow...yes!!!!
    have completely lost all my blogroll since changing the blog name..

    good to be back and congratulations, great timing..

    saz akak fff


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