February 5, 2010

Romance in the air??? The Proposal, Part 1

It has been a wonderful week - James and Jess arrived safely home on Wednesday and we had a lovely family evening at Jess's family home. So good to have them back :)

Then today, in honour of the Sparks in the Park concert in Hagley Park, where we first met, my partner has proposed. He has done it in a style that reflects our shared computer interests, and has been working on it quietly all week!! He says he kept it covered in trees until today in case I passed through too soon!
Click on the picture to see it larger and read the message...

He casually suggested I look this morning, but I missed it as I couldn't load the page, finally seeing it mid morning at work. It has not been an entirely productive day lol
Feel free to comment while I think up my reply...



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fantastic news......
    Love to you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. How fun for a proposal! Congrats! Have you posted any photos of this clever guy?

  3. i am screaming with delight while reading this to think he labored hours to get this scene!!!
    are you going to put your YES in in farmville too?
    big hugs,

  4. Congratulations! But when is 'part two' coming?! :)

  5. of course she will say yes, silly pple lol xoxoxo
    congrats hes only been waiting for you to say yes for uum 2 years!!!!

  6. You don't really need to think of a reply, do you? I could see a clever way to portray it, but there seems to be only one logical answer.

  7. From what K has said of your partner sincere congratulations and a wish for a long and happy time together.

    Also based on what K has told me your lucky he didn't propose in Klingon.

  8. Thanks everyone.
    Part 2 abotu to be written

    and bettyl-
    See if this link shows us..
    The way we were when we met :)

  9. Wow! Very exciting news - and such a fun proposal! I love it! :) Creative use of your farm for sure!!


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