March 28, 2010

Live Owl Nest Box Cam

A friend in France found this site on the owl - thank you :)
I hope you go back and look in there occasionally to see the chicks grow....
As my friend said - it is quite addictive... just waiting for a glimpse of them again! As I write, she is standing up and I can see all three - she is preening them....just amazing.

Cooler here now - autumn is coming, but my students from last year graduated on Friday and we had hot sun for the procession and a wonderful day at the town hall... so proud of them all.
You can see some pix at
Last week of term - then Easter Holidays - can't wait!

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March 21, 2010

Gallery: Body Worlds of Animals Exhibition |

I guess plastinated animals is the next logical step for this man.. to me they are probably a more logical starting point than plastinated people, or the macabre necrophilic plastinated people he posed having sex, but this animal exhibit I would like to see.. if it ever reaches down this far.

Plastinated giraffes anyone? Click on the link - it is worth a look through the pictures!

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March 18, 2010

Giraffe gives birth to calf at Kenya's Masai Mara

We get quite a few giraffes born in New Zealand, but they all seem to happen in the quiet ogf the night and I have never seen pictures like this before - really amazing and worth a look! Just click on the link above to see the article.

The miracle of birth is always there - I wrote about an elephant birth last year - and you can see the video of that here:

As a follow up to an earlier post this week, there is a video of the Albatross being released- well done Wellington Zoo. Sorry, can't embed it, but you can see the vid here:

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March 17, 2010

Japanese invent dog wash machine

Heard about these dog wash machines on the news tonight.... I can't decide how the dogs will feel about it - but would certainly be convenient. I could sit it next to the the dishwasher...although realistically, the NZ $42,000 price tag is a definite hurdle in my plan! Let alone the thought of their pathetic faces looking out at me as they were sprayed in there!!
I have always liked the idea of the do it yourself dog wash places - which have not arrived here in Christchurch yet, but they provide the wet area, shampoo, towels and drier - you do the work. Certainly got to be easier than trying to bath our two in the garden, the bath or our shower! Some examples are:

Perhaps I can just drop them off at our wonderful local groomer,
or call Jim's Dog wash

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A matter of taste: the crappuccino delicacy

I like coffee... it's an essential part of my day, but after reading this article, I hope my brother won;t think of sending me any coffee from where he is working in Jakarta...
Kopi luwak or civet coffee comes from the rear end of a small furry animal found in the jungles of Indonesia and quite a few other countries in the region. The thought of drinking coffee made from the beans passed in Civet poo does not do a lot for me - and as they say the risk of counterfeit product is high. According to a scientist quoted in a newspaper on Saturday, the main ingredient in fake Viagra seized by New Zealand customs officers was guano - bat and bird droppings !
I guess the Caveat emptor theory applies - Let the Buyer Beware.

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March 16, 2010

Romping and Rolling in the Rockies - well worth a visit

I love this picture.... and I love reading this blog. Drop in and enjoy learning about life in the snow, mountain lions, bob cats, bears and the company of these beautiful dogs!

We are waiting for another storm here... been a hot day, but the temperature is dropping fast and we expect thunder and hail again... autumn has arrived!

I just realised I passed the 300 blogs mark - another milestone :)
Thanks for dropping in!

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March 15, 2010

Storm blows albatross into suburban yard - New Zealand

I saw this today - one of my past vet nursing students and work colleague, helping with an injured albatross.

"A massive albatross that was injured in Friday's stormy weather is now recovering at Wellington Zoo.

The female northern royal albatross - with a massive wingspan of more than 3m - was found injured in a back yard of a home in Wainuiomata.

"It must have given them quite a shock," said spokesperson Matt Kennard.

The bird, one of only 30,000 in the wild, is currently being treated at Wellington Zoo's hospital, The Nest. "

We were in Kaikoura on Friday, taking the students up for the annual swim with the dolphins... and we got hit by the storm. Torrential rain, then hail, wind, thunder and lightning saw us sheltering in a local pub, watching the shopkeepers trying to avoid being flooded, but luckily it passed over quickly and left us with sunny skies and calm seas the next day!

These majestic birds rarely need to land - which makes it difficult to nurse them in a cage without damaging their delicate feet. This one has a special rubber padding cage insert to protect it...

You can see more pictures and read about the albatross in Kaikoura, which often circle the boats over the dolphins,

or we also have an albatross breeding colony in Dunedin

or check out wikipaedia.

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March 7, 2010

Birthday get together

I haven;t done a real blog post in a while, and I started this one and never got back to finishing it... so just for a change, here is a family update.

Recently, we had a family dinner to celebrate my son's 22nd birthday - been a while since we have all been in the same country to do this.




Not long after this, Phoebe's Mum passed through on a girls weekend... a rare treat for her, so we took her out to Clearwater Golf Resort for breakfast on the lake... it was a perfect Canterbury Morning.

We have also managed Sparks in the Park - great seats near the front too! Was a perfect warm night with thousands of people ....they used a crane to bring the piano on stage while the fireworks went - note the harness and helmet he had to wear!

We have had some great weather - barbecues, but as yet, no engagement party - slackers eh!

Phoebe's family are still exploring the Auckland area - they have settled in, despite their house they are renting being on the market and open homes being held most weekends -  but the girls are enjoying school...

They have won some awards! Well done to them both...

and Phoebe - well - the photos say it all :)

for more pix just go to:

Looking forward to seeing them all again when we go up in July :)

Two-Legged Dog Gets a New Set of Wheels

Hoppa the dog was born four years ago without his two front two legs. He was lucky enough to be adopted by Avi Kozi, chairman of Israel’s Society for the Protection of Animals. “From the moment I took him to my house, I knew I had to build something that would help him to move.” Kozi said.

Though it’s not uncommon for dogs to lose the use of their hind legs, problems with the front legs are much more uncommon. This presented a special challenge for Nir Shalom, the art student and animal lover who kindly offered to take on Hoppa’s case.

And take it on he did. Once Hoppa gets the hang of his training wheels (shown in the video below), he will then transition into one of the most advanced dog prostheses around.

There is a video on this site too - showing how they made the wheels for Hoppa :)

It might embed here - will give it a try :)

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March 3, 2010

The Orangutan and the Hound

Here is a great video of a unique friendship... today's Awwwwww. Thanks to our local vet Alan Brydon for this - and check out Alan's web page too - when he is not being a vet, he is an amazing photographer!
My favourite one...

Having a great spell of warm weather here downunder... long may it last. Summer was slow to arrive, but hoping it will linger awhile. My partner's daughter Jaz flew down from Auckland for a whirlwind trip over the weekend - we were able to celebrate a perfect Canterbury morning, meeting up for a leisurely breakfast at "The Lakes Restaurant " set in the local Clearwater Golf Resort.

It was so warm and sunny and peaceful; we sat across from one of the golf greens, by the lake and watched the trout circling. Sun, good company and no cooking - bliss.
Check out more about Jaz at

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