March 7, 2010

Birthday get together

I haven;t done a real blog post in a while, and I started this one and never got back to finishing it... so just for a change, here is a family update.

Recently, we had a family dinner to celebrate my son's 22nd birthday - been a while since we have all been in the same country to do this.




Not long after this, Phoebe's Mum passed through on a girls weekend... a rare treat for her, so we took her out to Clearwater Golf Resort for breakfast on the lake... it was a perfect Canterbury Morning.

We have also managed Sparks in the Park - great seats near the front too! Was a perfect warm night with thousands of people ....they used a crane to bring the piano on stage while the fireworks went - note the harness and helmet he had to wear!

We have had some great weather - barbecues, but as yet, no engagement party - slackers eh!

Phoebe's family are still exploring the Auckland area - they have settled in, despite their house they are renting being on the market and open homes being held most weekends -  but the girls are enjoying school...

They have won some awards! Well done to them both...

and Phoebe - well - the photos say it all :)

for more pix just go to:

Looking forward to seeing them all again when we go up in July :)

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  1. Hey!
    Keep us posted on the engagement party. We can plan our next family flights down around it!!!!!!
    Looking forward to July as well! xx


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