March 21, 2010

Gallery: Body Worlds of Animals Exhibition |

I guess plastinated animals is the next logical step for this man.. to me they are probably a more logical starting point than plastinated people, or the macabre necrophilic plastinated people he posed having sex, but this animal exhibit I would like to see.. if it ever reaches down this far.

Plastinated giraffes anyone? Click on the link - it is worth a look through the pictures!

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  1. I found the human exhibits both ghoulish and absolutely obscene (and there isn't much I consider obscene, either.) This is a bit less so, and I can hardly defend myself as a hypocrite, since I'm a meat eater, but still... It seems that, somehow, there might be a better use for each of these creatures remains. Maybe not.

  2. Guess putting their bones up in a museum is a comparable use to this .... but I would still enjoy seeing the anatomy of these larger animals :)


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