March 18, 2010

Giraffe gives birth to calf at Kenya's Masai Mara

We get quite a few giraffes born in New Zealand, but they all seem to happen in the quiet ogf the night and I have never seen pictures like this before - really amazing and worth a look! Just click on the link above to see the article.

The miracle of birth is always there - I wrote about an elephant birth last year - and you can see the video of that here:

As a follow up to an earlier post this week, there is a video of the Albatross being released- well done Wellington Zoo. Sorry, can't embed it, but you can see the vid here:

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  1. You don't quite get the size of giraffes until you see one in person. I remember being awestruck when, as a teen, I saw my first, in a zoo. Huge creatures, and fascinating.


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