March 17, 2010

Japanese invent dog wash machine

Heard about these dog wash machines on the news tonight.... I can't decide how the dogs will feel about it - but would certainly be convenient. I could sit it next to the the dishwasher...although realistically, the NZ $42,000 price tag is a definite hurdle in my plan! Let alone the thought of their pathetic faces looking out at me as they were sprayed in there!!
I have always liked the idea of the do it yourself dog wash places - which have not arrived here in Christchurch yet, but they provide the wet area, shampoo, towels and drier - you do the work. Certainly got to be easier than trying to bath our two in the garden, the bath or our shower! Some examples are:

Perhaps I can just drop them off at our wonderful local groomer,
or call Jim's Dog wash

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  1. That device would get a firm 'nul points' from the boyz.We tried automatic machines in Italy, there was one at the car wash, but it was just too nerve wracking.

  2. I feel this could possibly be traumatic to the dog as there is no way to placate or reassure them. My god she got in there, what on all fours while looking out the window...I wonder if she licked the window, uuum :) Love the newist outlay..someone has been tweeking.


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