March 25, 2010

Ruby the lurcher rebuilt by 40 vets after being run over

A story to cheer up your day - so much expertise and care :)
Lucky Ruby.

Check it out
Great case and pictures

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  1. It is wonderful to see such care and attention given to a living creature.

    It's a sad reflection on humanity as a whole, however, that we lavish so much care on a lurcher (and I would emphasise that I have no quarrel with that!) but in some countries a human being would be left at the roadside to die if he didn't have the money to pay for the ambulance.

  2. I love love love the blue background but sadly it makes the text almost invisible. However this story warmed my heart yesterday as I read the story in my newspaper over breakfast...and it isn't often that happens. The Lurcher that love and care and dedication rebuilt. Though I have to second GB's comment on our failings where many are concerned.

  3. sad, but true.
    Thanks for the feedback too.
    and will see what I can do with the writing tonight Moannie :)

  4. I recognise some of these people! One is a student who thinks he is gods gift to women and creeps me out when he sees practice, the other was in the year below me at vetschool. It's a small world for us vets!

  5. Ouch to the cost a lot of practices do the same work and charge a lot less but that is the joys of the "big boys" they can charge for it. To quote our vet after doing a major op (soft tissue repair and triple fracture repair) as cost was an issue charging £3000 total. Could have gone to ..... (local referral) and they would have been £3000/fracture as .... charges that as a minimum.


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