April 27, 2010

Arthritis treatment for dogs - Stem Cell Therapy....,.

Certianly an even mroe exciting prospect if this gives hope to people too!
You can look here for more information:
Stem Cell therapy for dogs - now available in NZ
AdiCell for your dog's joint pain - Treating arthritis with your dog’s own healing cells
Pet Doctors is excited to announce that in partnership with Regeneus Australia, we are now performing the exciting new AdiCell™ treatment. AdiCell™ can offer hope for an improved quality of life to the thousands of New Zealand dogs affected by degenerative joint disease.
AdiCell™ is an advanced yet simple treatment for your dog's osteoarthritis. It uses your dog’s own fat cells to heal an arthritic joint, such as a hip or knee. It is a safe procedure that puts to work your pet’s natural regeneration system. Think of these cells as your dog's own emergency repair kit.
To date results have been excellent and the improvement in mobility is significant. AdiCell-treated dogs are healthier and lead more active lives without drugs.
To find out more about the treatment, visit the Adicell website.
You can also watch a real life example of Adicell treatment on YouTube,

or view this Australian TV news item.


  1. Amazing stuff being done these days. My poor grandmother Sullivan! She was absolutely crippled with arthritis in her hands. Soon enough, it appears, there may be what amounts to a cure. Amazing.

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